Also known as ‘Arts on Prescription’ or ‘Community Referral’ social prescribing is the use of arts, humanities and social engagement as a means of supplementing or replacing prescription medicines for the treatment of patients. There is increasing evidence that social prescribing can result in benefits which include improved health outcomes for patients, a reduction in GP appointments and hospital admissions, financial savings and higher levels of patient satisfaction. In short, social prescribing offers a substantial benefit to patients and healthcare providers. Some research into the effectiveness of social prescribing can be found in these studies

University of the West of England Study

Rotherham Pilot Study

Having a great deal of experience of working alongside doctors, nurses, and other providers in a variety of healthcare settings, we are able to offer a range of arts and humanities based activities suitable for patients to engage with at any level. These include visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, print-making) performance arts (dance, music, drama, comedy, story- telling) and other creative arts (writing, poetry, song writing, film and video making) as well as practical skills such as gardening, carpentry, decorating and culinary activities.
Please contact us to find out how we can help to provide the service or services that will best meet the particular needs of your patients.